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Butta’s Bakery LLC is owned and operated by Shea, a Black Woman born & raised in Harlem who is a professional scientist by day and cookie lover by night. 



Baking has always been a well-kept secret passion of mine and over the years I began to focus on cookies... the problem with cookies is that they come in multiples and, if you want to save your waistline, you have to share. After sharing with close friends (who call me Butta), I received some serious encouragement to share with the world. 


And hey world-here you are, here WE are. It is my goal to expand Butta's Bakery and become your go to for dessert options. I am doing what I love and purposefully planning to take over the bakery world one homemade cookie at a time. I hope I have cultivated a menu with something everyone can enjoy and I hope that you take this Butta’s Bakery LLC journey with me.


Thank you for the love & support. 

Butta's Bakery LLC
holds the following licenses/registrations/permits: 
NY Home Food Processor
NY Department of Health Food Protection License 
Food Liability Insurance 

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